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Daikin Commercial Systems

Daikin Commercial Systems

Daikin is known as a world leader in the provision of the most efficient advanced air conditioning solutions for both industrial and commercial use.

With extensive research and creation of environmentally friendly equipment, they have revolutionized the way in which business owners view air-conditioning for their buildings around the world, offering complete comfort for your business regardless of the age, size or shape of your building.

Daikin's name is synonymous with the most energy efficient and cost effective air-conditioning systems world-wide, offering good value for your money, ultimate comfort and peace of mind.

Daikin Commercial Systems


Daikin Commercial Systems

Daikin VRV systems

The Daikin VRV systems distribute refrigerant from an outdoor unit that services multiple indoor units. Daikin’s VRV systems use only the specific energy required to provide your selected cooling for each individual indoor unit; they are equipped with individual area/user controls and variable speed inverter compressors, to guarantee substantial energy savings

Air Cooled Systems:

  • VRV Heat Pump (RXYQ)

    This system is engineered for VRV in large buildings, offering the latest technology for air-conditioning solutions; utilizing the Daikin Inverter compressor ensuring optimal performance levels. Each system generates up to 30 tons of cooling from a single source, to provide for up to 62 indoor units, with various options for ventilation levels and individual controls. This is a large capacity, conveniently flexible system, that runs at a minimal sound level. There's an built-in self diagnosis function and information memory storage that ensures your ease of use.

Water Cooled Systems:

  • Water Cooled VRV (RWEYQ)

    The VRV Water Series provides an energy efficient option for large buildings, giving premium comfort to large commercial offices, hospitals, and hotels. With a light weight compact design, this system easily fits into elevators for convenient and simple installation anywhere in a building. The VRV systems guarantee minimal operating costs with individual zone-control ,and complete shut-down in areas that don't require cooling at specific times. This system permits extensive piping that allows multiple areas to be cooled by one circuit.

    To find out more on how this leading, technologically advanced brand of air-conditioning equipment can benefit your business, as it has for thousands of businesses world-wide, Click here. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you.