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Building Operating Costs

Energy and operating costs can represent as much as 30% of your facilities operating cost. Finding ways to reduce and manage these costs is where Caycore Solutions, as a Linc Service® Contractor, can make a difference. As with all equipment, your air-conditioning equipment has a life expectancy and, unfortunately, as your equipment ages, the cost of maintaining it to a level where it will operate at peak efficiency “like new” will increase too. Without the consistent maintenance that our service programs afford, the aging process of your mechanical systems will have a considerable, negative impact on your operating costs. As we work together you will see the dramatic advantages of a Linc Service® program and you’ll find that our programs are truly self- funding. The reduced operating expenses and the savings afforded in energy efficiency will provide a noticeable improvement to your bottom line.


As you partner with Caycore Solutions by simply using a Linc Service® Agreement, you will regain complete control. We offer administrative control with one point of contact and one single source of responsibility. In control of your Owning and Operating costs with a professional service schedule designed to extend equipment life and lower energy consumption. No more fluctuating expenses and unpredictable costs instead one monthly fixed expense, providing you complete budgetary control and, above all else, quality control. You can now be sure your buildings HVAC system is receiving the quality service that delivers results all year round and comfort for both your tenants and employees.

You can’t get service this complete anywhere else but with Caycore Solutions, your Linc Service® Contractor!