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Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Environmental legislation, global warming, and skyrocketing fuel costs have prioritized energy consumption and emissions control to every building owner’s front burner. Strategic positioning of energy smart technology, products and service should now be an essential component of every maintenance program.

To help you control your energy consumption, and leverage the power of energy advancements and other natural resources, Caycore Solutions Jamaica offer a complete complement of energy solutions to reduce your energy costs- we'll provide you with energy efficient infrastructure upgrades, retrofits, and equipment and services for your facility, on either a bundle or individual basis.


We offer a wide-ranging range of energy efficient Air-Conditioning programs, services and solutions including building design, equipment installation, controls, energy management and preventative maintenance programs. Natural disasters, world political events and other global influences, have caused fossil fuel costs to skyrocket. Caycore Solutions Jamaica, as part of the Linc Service® Network, provides assistance by reducing your energy consumption and associated costs. Our energy management practices can reduce a buildings energy costs by up to 30% - good for both your bottom line and the environment!

If your thermostat is off by as little as 3 degrees, your facility could be using up to 30 percent more energy than needed. Can you tell if your Thermostat is out of calibration? Do you know how to?

Your thermostat is a small internal part of an extremely complex temperature control system that regulates the cooling equipment in your facility. If not properly maintained, your temperature control system could cause your air-conditioning system to operate inefficiently. Do you know if this is occurring? Have you experienced any type of equipment failures?

Have you received any complaints of hot and cold spots, drafts or stale air? The temperature control system for your building may not be reacting to the comfort levels your customers, employees or tenants expect.

The temperature control systems for your building may have been operating inefficiently daily, month after month, year after year. Has your energy costs been increasing?

At Caycore Solutions Jamaica we have the diagnostic equipment, experience and skill required to ensure your temperature control system is operating at its peak efficiency level. From thermostats to valves, and all component parts in between- we manage it all; one single source and one fixed budgetable fee.

Did you know:

30% of energy consumed in buildings is used unnecessarily or inefficiently?

Cooling accounts for up to 70% of the total electrical bill of a commercial building?

Replacement of inefficient air-conditioning systems can give you savings of up to 30% annually?

Caycore Solutions Jamaica, as part of the Linc Service® Network, is an ENERGY STAR PARTNER. Energy star is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) energy efficiency program. Our partnership with the EPA signifies our environmental leadership in improving energy efficiency and helping our customers money. We are committed to lowering your energy consumption and operating costs and we will provide you cost effective solutions every time.