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Proactive Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance

Our Service Team at Caycore Solutions Jamaica created a preventative maintenance program critical to clients' property asset value. We recognized that this was the solution to an often multifaceted component of the asset management puzzle, that would enable our clients to focus more energy on their day to day business.

Can you imagine the multitude of things that can go wrong with your HVAC system?

Today's sophisticated systems are complex, extremely demanding, and require regular expert care and maintenance to prevent major expense.

Some common problems you could encounter are variance in the degrees of comfort, performance falter, component/s failure, blundering service, equipment replacement, excessive energy consumption, loss of control, cash resource wastage, and budget overrun. Our promise to you is reliable on-time execution of undertakings, to keep your building comfortable and operating efficiently.

On that rare occasion when you require emergency service, our highly trained technicians will respond with prompt, efficient, professional service from dispatch to diagnosis to job done, and we will keep you appraised throughout the process.

Effective communication and follow-up after each service visit keep Caycore Solutions Jamaica customers in control; we provide a full report at completion of emergency call-outs. We feel you have enough to worry about without the addition of your facility's HVAC system. We've simplified the most complex part of your building- the HVAC system, maintenance of which, isn’t expensive compared to what you might spend if your system degrades (and ultimately fails.)

Is a Commercial Preventative Maintenance Program Cost Effective?

If you had purchased one component of HVAC equipment with a forecasted lifespan of 15 years for $15,000,000 and it cost you $1,000,000 for proper maintenance, at the end of its 15 year lifespan it would have cost you a total of $30,000,000.

If you'd purchased the same component of HVAC equipment, did not maintain it, had to replace it after a 7.5 year period, and again after another 7.5 years had elapsed (as you had continued not maintaining it,) your total cost would have been $45,000,000.

Significant savings can be realized from professional preventive maintenance and regular servicing, and it's certainly a more cost effective choice than frequent replacement of expensive equipment.

At Caycore Solutions Jamaica, our Service Team deliver a fully comprehensive Preventative Program that adheres to manufacturers guidelines to ensure full maximization of the lifespan of your equipment.

We cultivate partnerships with our customers, and constantly strive to deliver to them, an exceptionally high level of service. We provide a detailed breakdown of the level of service you can expect prior to commencing an agreement, and we demonstrate our confidence to you with a flexible agreement without a minimum commitment timeframe.

Each of our programs is tailored to the needs of your building and staff. To facilitate your well-informed decision, our consultation process provides a full financial and operational building analysis, including the long and short term goals for your building.

To develop a solution for your facility, we complete a HVAC system analysis that takes into account the age, condition, efficiency of the system, providing you with a customized plan to meet your goals and objectives for the facility.

Delivering Upto 55% off your Building Owning and Operating Costs whilst providing you with a self-funded solution requiring no capital expense!

Our Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Plan is fully inclusive of Programmed Preventative Maintenance monthly visits, daily round the clock emergency service, all labor, materials and mechanical parts, and cost of travel; also included is a complete System Replacement that provides you peace of mind and the additional advantages of:

  • A flat line budget relating to your HVAC repairs and maintenance
  • Reduction of down time
  • Increase in profits
  • Equipment replacement
  • Extended equipment life
  • Lowered expenses by reduction of owning and operating costs
  • Improved equipment reliability and uptime
  • Increased energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Increased building comfort and indoor air quality
  • Fund Preventative Maintenance Programs without budget increase

Predictive maintenance is imperative. We track various system indicators i.e. oil temperature, RPM speeds, and other factors to catch numerous emerging problems before they reach become serious. We Additionally we utilize various diagnostics to identify and correct potential issues before they cause serious problems or breakdown.

Building Management Systems are an invaluable tool in maintenance diagnostics that vastly improve response times of maintenance problems via troubleshooting. Caycore Solutions Jamaica is an authorized distributor for Johnson Controls; we will manage and/or install a computerized maintenance management system to enhance your operation.

Eventually every piece of equipment will require changing; following a rigorous, comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program will extend the useful life of your building’s HVAC system and preserve a healthy bottom line for your Company, while keeping your staff and tenants happy and content.

No Headaches | No Hassles | No Risks!

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